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An Overview of Latin American Fashion Trends

It can be hard to pin down the fashion trends from Latin America, since they typically involve a wide range of influences. Latin American fashion draws from Africa, indigenous Mayan, Inca, and Aztec traditions, and Spanish influences. This intermingling has created a diverse assortment of colors, textures and silhouettes. When people think of Latin American […]

Accessorizing 101

Accessories are a great way to enhance your outfit. They can either serve as bold fashion statements, or recede into the background while helping to pull a look together. With such a wide range of options available – from scarfs to necklaces to shoes to handbags to jewelry – knowing how to mix and match […]

How To Pull Off Animal Prints

Animal prints have been worn throughout history for various aesthetic purposes, but they have typically retained that sense of boldness, sexual appeal, and ostentation. In the past, we associated animal fur coats and cloaks with medieval warriors and animal rugs with aristocratic excess, money, and power. Today, wearing real animal fur can draw ire and […]

Latina Celebrity Style Inspirations

Bold, bright and vivid colors usually come to mind when people think of Latin fashion. This easily corroborates the commonly held perception of Hispanic men as “Latin Lovers” and their female counterparts as being “fiery Latinas” and “hot señoritas”. The popularity of Hollywood celebrities such as Antonio Banderas, Fernando Lamas, Ricardo Montalban, Rita Hayworth, Raquel […]