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    Accessorizing 101

    by: Fashion House
    Posted on March 26, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    Accessories are a great way to enhance your outfit. They can either serve as bold fashion statements, or recede into the background while helping to pull a look together. With such a wide range of options available – from scarfs to necklaces to shoes to handbags to jewelry – knowing how to mix and match accessories can seem like a chore.

    Here are some helpful general tips that you can turn to when putting your outfit together:

    Use them to make a statement

    A simple getup – blouse and jeans, a “Plain Jane” dress – can be turned into a bold fashion statement with the right set of accessories. You may decide to go for some sparkle and glimmer in the form of prominent hoop earrings, a flashy belt, a jewel-encrusted clutch, or an intricate necklace. The other option would be to add a dash of rich color – as a scarf, necklace piece, or a pair of heels – to an otherwise muted ensemble.

    Balance it out

    If you are already wearing a loud clothing item, such as an animal print coat or a vividly colored dress, it would be best to keep the accessories simple. Opt for thinner belts, smaller and fewer jewelry, a smaller and simpler bag, and less conspicuous shoes to balance things out.

    To match or not to match?

    You do not have to match your bag or scarf to your shoes, but the color or texture coordination can add a playful appeal to your getup. Try your hand at subtle or obvious matching accessories to see if they fit the mood that you are going for – or abandon the idea altogether in favor of a striking contrast.

    How much is too much?

    You can get away with over-accessorizing when going for a bohemian look, but try not to wear to many accessories otherwise. Think of one or two main statement pieces when putting your outfit together, and let the rest blend into the background.

    Dress for the occasion

    Something more eye-catching and flashy will be in order if you are planning to hit the clubs or attend a music festival. If you are headed to a more conservative setting like a court hearing or a formal social gathering, less is more.

    Gold or silver?

    When deciding between gold and silver accessories, you can consider your skin tone, the color of your outfit, and the setting of your event. Gold reflects the sunlight, and makes for a good choice if you are headed to events with ample natural lighting. Silver glints and shines in low-light settings, making it better suited for events after dark. You can always mix and match them to shine in both settings.

    Make a shoe statement when you have to cover up

    All your carefully chosen accessories are going to be obscured if you have to wear a long coat in severe weather. You can still make an impression by letting your boots do the talking.

    Accessorizing is an art. To do it well, be sure to practice, innovate, and think of new ways to mix and match what you have in your wardrobe.


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